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Παρασκευή, 16 Μαρτίου 2018

Žižek and Christianity

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Sotiris Mitralexis Table of Contents

Chapter One

The Slovenian and the Cross
Dionysios Skliris & Sotiris Mitralexis

Chapter Two
Žižek and the Dialectical Materialist Theory of Belief
Agon Hamza

Chapter Three
From Psychoanalysis to Metamorphosis: The Lacanian Limits of Žižek’s Theology
Brian W. Becker

Chapter Four
“No wonder, then, that love itself disappears”: Neighbor-Love in Žižek and Meister Eckhart
Chase Padusniak

Chapter Five
Concrete Universality: Only That Which Is Non-All Is for All
Gabriel Tupinambá

Chapter Six
Pacifist Pluralism Versus Militant Truth: Christianity at the Service of Revolution in the Work of Slavoj Žižek
Haralambos Ventis

Chapter Seven
Rethinking Universality: Badiou and Žižek on Pauline Theology
Jack Louis Pappas

Chapter Eight
„Rühre Nicht, Bock! Denn es brennt“: Schelling, Žižek and Christianity
Sinan Richards

Chapter Nine
Murder at the Vicarage: Žižek’s Chesterton as a Way out of Christianity
Bruce J. Krajewski

Chapter Ten
Žižek and the Dwarf: a Short-Circuit Radical Theology
Mike Grimshaw

The Antinomies That Keep Christianity Alive
Slavoj Žižek

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